Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Workshop dates

Finally sorted out my phone sync issues.. All by myself so I am feeling quite chuffed with myself.  This is why, because i have so much stored on my phone these days that getting access to it is quite useful.  The camera is better than my little digital and I use it a lot during my workshops.

Hopefully you can see above the poster that has been on my Facebook page regarding my workshops.  I started these last April with the first one being held in June.  Since then they have been full and I could have added even more sessions.
The first two are fully booked subject to confirmation and 2 places have gone for the bag making.
So if you live nearby and fancy trying something new or dusting off those sewing skills that get in touch.  they are so much fun and the amount of laughing that goes on it is any wonder that we get anything made.  More pictures on my facebook page but now that I have gained access to my phone I shall be able to post more images here and much faster too.
I have sent off my Send a little Love swap today and as soon as I know that my partner has received it  I shall post more details here.
I shall stop there as it is 2.15am but i have been ill with the most awful head cold in years that is very close to full on flu that i can not sleep due to everything aching hence the early morning post.  A nice cuppa has been drunk so perhaps I should try and get back to sleep again.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Help! Phone to blog images.

Dear All
I have been able to get images from my phone on to my blog for some time.  However I have upgraded (same make Samsung S6 just next version up) and access to my phone images stops the day I changed, the 15th January.

Any suggestions as I am at a loss as to how I can access images on my new phone unless I keep usiing theold one for blog pictures.  
Carrying around two phones seems silly.

Ho Hum, don't you just love technology!
Happy Saturday.

My image dated before phone change.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Silver beaded bracelet

After the success of the first blue beaded bangle I started another but then forgot to post about it.  This did start out as a kit that my hubby bought for  a birthday some years ago.  Much easier to do than I realised.

You think that this is never going to look any good, but as it starts o grow and you gradually add the beads it is amazing how good it looks.

I think that I shall add these to my workshop class list as it is very accessible and fun to do.  As for these I shall either sell them or start off my present box for the end of the year.  No I am refusing to use that word , it is only January!
Friday tomorrow and after last weekends massive marking session I intend to have some family and me time this weekend.
All play and no work............. well you know the rest.

Monday, 25 January 2016

OPAM 2016

I have signed up for the 6th year (I think) for OPAM and it is a great challenge whereby the aim is to get all those half made projects finished .  At least one a month which you then blog about and if you ake more than one item they aall added up and you submitt a total to Peg or Chris.

It really does foucs the mind and I get a real satisfaction from getting things finished that i have sometimes even forgotten about!

there is a certain set of curtains that have been staring at me for quite some kind!!
If you think you might like to give this a try click HERE and take a look at the guidelines.

Take Care

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Beaded and knitted bracelet part 2

After the successs of my first bracelet I decided to see what else I had in the waay of beads and wire and had enough to put together this version.

Shaped the ends to attach to the adjustable clasp.

Added seed and bugle beads randomly as I went along.

This fastening came from a kit I never made and it matched the colour scheme.

Which one do you prefer?  This bracelet or the blue version below?

I have now gone and found some bronze wire and matching beads in my neglected bead box...........Hmmmmm, I think a third one is on its way but perhaps this time a slightly different take on it.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Christmas Card swap 2015

Last Christmas Sarah  (Twiggypeasticks) and I decided to do a little card swap together.  So why not do it again for a second year?
Above is the cross stitch and felt card that Sarah sent me....but there is a doubles up as a Christmas Tree decoration!

The colours go with our colour scheme and I think it is a brilliant idea which i think I might pinch for next year.

Of course I needed to send a card too and .......
..............I have forgotten which one I embarrassing!  I made the set shown above and only these (I really must start much earlier).
So we both had the same technique idea.

I like using hessian and jute  fabrics and combining it with loose linen fabric I thought it made a good change from glitter and sequins.

My new decoration has now been added to my collection of handmade tree decs that have been sent to me by blogger friends since 2008.

Many thanks I love them all and this year for the first time I used them to decorate my classroom and they generated quite a bit of interest!.

Quite glad it is Friday tomorrow been a very long week and my poor old eyes have really felt the strain this week.

Take Care

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A little knitted beading

Been wanting to make thi for months and finally the Christmas break gave me the chance to sit down and string some beads on to jewellery wire.  I mixed up seed beads along with larger different shapes beads in shades of navy blue

I ended up making a cuff/bracelet.  This was part of a kit that I bought at Creative Stitches on Exeter but I decided to add lots of my own beads as well.  

Always need a close up shot!

I used the clasp which came with the kit. and all I need now is somewhere special to go to wear it or would it be prudent to start a present bag in January?

Really enjoyed making this in front of the televisionso much that I have in fact started another one!!
Will post that next.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Valentine Swap 2016

To start off the new year and help to dust off my blog I have signed up to the swap above.  Click HERE if you would like to find out more and sign up.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New year 2016!

Happy New Year to you all!!

Oh dear! It has been about 4 months since I was last here.  Been busy with Facfebook, Instagram and my workshops but I hope to be back here more often
I realise that i have probably lost aa lot of people as a result but sometimes you have to have a break from something to learn or develop something else.

So I have just uploaded my first Art Journal Challenge since May and the December 2015 theme was to make an Art Journal for loose pages.  I swapped this a little to work with what I tend to create, so I made this...............
I used some vintage fabric that I found at a Fair at bedruthan Hotel in October.  I used acrylic paint to highlight some of the flowers and leaves.  Added a tie and pelemt vilene to add a bit of strength.
I added a hand drawn and hand stitched label to the front.
To the inside I added a strip of elastic so that I can add sketchbooks, loose paper etc.  Not started using it yet but I will over the coming year.

Just a quick post but i do have things to post about from the Vhristmas break including a card swap with twiggy and my Santa Sacj swap partner.  
I also have some blogs to catch up with too.

So lovely to be back and I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!

Best wishes and take care.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Crochet Workshop

Hi All,
I have been very absent from this blog and that is because I have been spending spare time planning and advertising my classes and workshops which has meant spending time on facebook more.

My first Cochet session with two lovely ladies is taking pllace tomorrow in the afternoon.  Both are beginners, although one has been using Youtube it is the times when you want to ask a question or you get in a pickle and need help that an online tutorial is not always helpful.

So I have bben making up some starter packs and samples, plus getting in some cake and tea.
Should be an excellent 2 hours.
Will post whatever we make.

Take care!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Crochet Crazy

Goodness where has the time gone!?
I do have quite a bit to tell you but I have also swapped laptops and this one does not load up pictures in the same way so I am dealing with that.  

I am over on Facebook as my workshops move on but I did not promote anything during August and I will not do so as we are all busy doing things anyway.  But I do have a small group beginners crochet pencilled in for 19th September then  a beginners sewing date for October, a Christmas craft session in November and perhaps squeeze in a general bring what you want help with session which could be chaos but also quite exciting.  That may be better for January as a few unwanted presented could be recycled perhaps?

Anyway.  I will be back once I have fathomed out how to get my pictures from my camera to this laptop.

But do pop over and say hello here

Instagram  :  Indigo Blue Designs.
Look for the blue flower.

Bye for now.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Bunting Workshop - the outcomes

This week saw my second workshop and it was nice to have some different faces attend.
The room layout worked so well last time that I kept it the same but added more tables for the extra numbers.
Different types of fabric was brought to the workshop.  The above is special as Penny wanted to make some for her daughter's wedding in September.  Once we were organised and settled I did give her a hand as she had so many to do.  It is going to look fantastic and I hope I get to see a few photos after the big day.
Fabric was also recycled.  Nicola brought in an oil cloth table cloth and when marked out and cut up then stitched to the webbing, it looked just like the expensive bunting found on line.  really impressed with this outcome.
Judie also recycled some fabric includ8ing some of her husbands work shirts as he has recently retired and no longer needs that many!
Julie said that she had not really sewn since she was at school and the class was a surprise from her family, who had also bought her some fabric to bring.  Well Julie completed this set of bunting for her grand daughter and started another set for her grandson so her skills soon came back after a quick go over the sewing machine.  
This is a section of her first set of bunting.  So neatly stitched as well.
The oil cloth above will soon be on a very glamorous shed and Guide hut and the colours really popped and will look very colourful.  This is from The Range.

There was also a 14 year old called Sophie who is over from Canada and is staying with Penny.  She was brilliant and I gave her some fabric so make some bunting for herself and take back to Canada.  Lovely young lady who did really well with a bunch of ladies that she had never met before!

So another very enjoyable class.  The examples I made did help a lot and the instructions and materials were just right for the bunting to work first time.  The length of time was just right but no body seemed to need much help but all said how nice it was to get out of the house, have a chat and how relaxing it is to make something original.  i think I am so used to rushing around solving one problem after another that i felt a bit redundant.

having just read a blog where a lady went for a private crochet class and came away with nothing, learnt nothing and was charged more than the agreed price I hope that this group felt that they got value for money, enjoyment and learnt how to make something else that would make a lovely gift  for a child's bedroom, party or the garden.

What to offer next?
A UFO day or clothes making/altering.

Need to finish the bunting I started for my sister in law after the workshop....well I felt the need to have a go afterwards as well.  I have really enjoyed making them...they can be quite addictive!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Absence due to planning

Many people seem to have vanished from blogland at the included.

I have been silly busy at work which should slow down after this coming week and I have been trying to build up a presence on Facebook to get my workshops moving.  When everyone says that Facebook is viral I would have to disagree as it is not spreading the word quite as quickly as I would have thought.  Anyway...keep soldiering on.

I do have another workshop on 22nd July to teach how to measure, select fabric and make bunting.  I have had great fun making 4 different versions and if I ever reach 100 likes for my page I am going to have a give away for one of them.
I could quite happily make bunting all day!

Yesterday I had my second booking for 1:1 Home Sewing Tuition  ( a bit like the ones you have for other subjects such as English and Maths....why not sewing, art and crafts too?)  I can do GCSE exam paper tuition too but I suppose that would be for those who really needed a high grade to go on to a follow on course so I have not really advertised that.

So I am planning several ideas and let my young student choose which one she would like to do.

My daughter has asked for a craft party for her birthday in November so that is in the future but in the appointment book already.

I have also had several enquiries for basic beginners Crochet in Ausgust as a result of posting some of my crochet work on Facebook, so that has been positive too.  My crochet as moved on an awful lot this year so yes I can do a beginners class quitre easily and the basics is sometimes all people want to do in the evenings.
Next week we are dropping the usual timetable and I have 22 students for a whole week making and creating all sorts of things.
First up is a charity project and I am borrowing The Giving Bunny idea from Urban Threads
I saw this just over a year ago but it was too late for me use it.  We are going to make several each, one for each student to take home and the rest will be sold to raise money for a local charity.

This is my version complete with mini scarf.  I have made a few already and I have decided to enlarge the template so that students with motor skill difficulty can still access this.
Should be fun.
Then the rest of the week will be felt making, mixed media canvas and card making.  Plus my ever popular Monster Making.  This will be its 5th year!
So a busy week of making and for once my daughter will be able to attend as she has been taught my someone else this year.
I will try and update my blog more often but like many others I my visitors dramatically dropped and comments went from double figures down to 1 if I was lucky and I got really disillusioned as it can take time to put these posts together with text and images.
The summer break is nearly here and I do have lots of work to do for September but i will also make time for Indigo Blue.
If you are on the go yo can also find me at the sites below.
Links at the top of this blog too.
Facebook: Indigo Blue Designs Textiles & workshops 
Instagram: Indigo Blue
  There are links to everything else on all of them and they should all be mobile p0hone friendly.  Even my website which I am changing to give info on my workshops and less on the making although I will still consider commission's if you would like something personalised or have an idea you wish to have made up.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

1:1 Home Sewing Tuition

 Yesterday I had my first 1:1 Hand Sewing Home tuition session with a lovely little girl called Jess.
Jess has got a little prior experience but wants to have some proper lessons and project ideas that will help her to learn and takcle some little ideas on her own.

I decided that the felt keyring or bag charm would be a good place to start and I also left enough materials for her tomake another one on her own after I had left!
She was as bright as a button and had no porblem threading and knotting the thread.....way better than someof my year 7 students and Jess is in year 4!!
Parents and jess are very keen for future sessions so I hope to help this young lady for some time to come.
Brilliant way to start the weekend.
Home tuition was not something I had comnsidered but i think I will, including GCSE practical work and theory papers.  Will need to add that to my website and 
Facebook pages: Indigo blue textiles and workshops.
Pop over and tsake a look.
have a good week.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Crochet WIP and workshops

I have tried to be strict with myself and set aside some Me Time, which is quite difficult this time of year at work.
 I have always wanted to make a blanket like this but other styles caught my eye as well!  The wool is from Stylecraft and I bought it last August but other things got int he way.  So to continue with my 2014 promise of crochet advancement, I decided in January 2015 that this would carry on.
 I tried a couple of different sized hooks but in the end I settled for a 4.5mm hook which may or may not be the right size but it works for me.
I have been making them in groups of 2 colourways at a time as i like to try and use up the colours evenly across the blanket.
Not sure when this is going to get done but I am averaging two squares an evening ( I slow down after 8pm) and I hope to have it done by September/October time.

I have been a bit absent from my blog as it has been sooooo busy at work but I have also been working on my workshops and researching venues and materials.  Not sure how it is going to develop and I will be honest that it has been a trickle rather than a rush to sign up but I have had nothing but encouragement and that it is a good idea and much needed locally.  I just need more sign ups but I suppose it will take time and i need a few more sessions to have been completed and advertise what is being made by those that come to entice others to come along.

So I shall be back and I have signed up for a couple of swaps.
If anyone has a Face book page could I ask  (Or beg ) that you could pop over and Like, share my workshop and business page to just try and give it a bit of exposure.  I would be very grateful,
If you are on holiday in Cornwall on 24th July and fancy making some bunting and any other project that you would like help with then get in touch!


Many thanks and have a lovely week!
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